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Our mission is to create a rich movement environment, educating and encouraging an understanding of dance in a kinetic, imaginative, and intellectual way to the community and the world at large. By creating and presenting new work, engaging audiences through exposure to dance in likely and unlikely places, discussion, teaching, and collaborating with other artists, the company strives to enrich the human experience and preserve the art of dance.


The Linda Bair Dance Company is a close knit group of dancers committed to exploring movement, crafting dance that engages the intellect and the soul, and educating audiences about the art of dance. They are equally comfortable presenting dance for stage, and dance for unconventional spaces. Founded in 1998, the company is in residence at the Davis Arts Center where they train adult dancers in modern dance and ballet.


LBDC has presented dance throughout California including: Works in the Works in Berkeley, Sacramento State University Festival of the Arts, Bay Area National Dance Week, the DaDa Project, Works in the Works, and at the Westwave Dance Festival in San Francisco. Twice the group has been

featured on the television program "Good Day Sacramento". In 2008, they participated in the Merce Cunningham Creativity Project, resulting in several free concerts of dance/video/animation performance. The LBDC has an ongoing association with the Natsoulas Gallery in Davis resulting in annual

performances at the Beat and Beyond Festival and producing free concerts such as “A Small Evening about Love” and "What do You See” an installation of dance to be found, photographed, videoed, or sketched. The company has shown dance at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, at the grand re-opening, the 8x8 competition and the dance series "Hatch” as well as producing evening length concerts and interactive educational performances for children.

Engaging and educating the audience is a priority for the company. Whether producing high quality concerts and dance “happenings” followed by audience/artist discourse, improvising with musicians and painters on the rooftop of a downtown gallery or creating classes to promote connection

and community, Linda Bair Dance Company strives to enliven the everyday experience through dance.


Linda Bair is a seasoned performer, choreographer, and teacher. Born and raised in San Jose, California, her early training was in ballet, studying with Carol Petersen and Ballet San Jose. She earned her BFA in dance from UC Santa Barbara. She has studied with and/or performed in works by many outstanding artists including: Karole Armitage, Donald Byrd, Joe Goode, Bebe Miller, Momix, Elisa Monte, David Parsons, and Jose Limon. She has danced with Repertory West II, Bonnie Simoa Dance Company, Christopher Watson Dance Company and marTa Tanz. Linda has been a guest artist with the Limon Dance Company, performing "Missa Brevis". In 1997 Linda spent time living, dancing and teaching in Goettingen, Germany after which she became a visiting lecturer for the University of California, Davis Department of Theatre and Dance where she currently teaches modern dance. In 1998, she formed the Linda Bair Dance Company, now in residence at the Davis Arts Center. In addition to UC Davis, Linda has taught master classes at Sacramento State University and at the University of West Indies as well as ongoing modern and ballet classes at the Davis Arts Center. Her choreography has been presented throughout California, in Germany, and the Caribbean. She has created over 30 works for LBDC. In 2012, Linda co-founded Solodos Dance with Jorge Luis Morejon; a company of two making dances exploring being together and being apart and how that manifests in movement over a lifetime. Equally passionate about choreographing and teaching, her work is concerned with what is best said with the body: an investigation of breath, bone, muscle, and the stories hidden in our bodies, finding the person in the movement and the movement in the person.

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